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Simulate dynamic cyber threats to continuously identify and remediate security gaps and misconfigurations, define responses and improve your defenses.

Cyber Front answers four crucial questions related to protecting your organization

Is the organization prepared to respond to a potential cyber threat?How should the organization address exploits that were neither prevented nor detected?
Did preventative and detective controls work as anticipated against known cyber threats?Does the security operations center (SOC) have the capabilities and processes to respond to detected alerts?

Ready to protect your business?

Our team of experts will provide end-to-end support to implement Cyber Front, ensuring that your organization receives the most relevant simulation scenarios and scope.

Key benefits

1st Benefit

Incorporates 3.5K+ threats with 10K+ actions updated daily.

Second benefit

Continuously tests existing security infrastructure independent of vulnerability scanning windows.

Third benfit

Offers customizable packages to fit the needs of your organization.

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Protect your business

Protect your business

Contact us to request a free trial and learn more about how Cyber Front can lower risk, capital expenses and operational expenses for your organization.