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SessionM Dashboard


SessionM's customer engagement and loyalty platform powers personalized and rewarding experiences for the world's largest brands, specializing in Restaurants, Retail, Consumer Goods and Travel.


Compelling Loyalty Programs and Offers
Craft a differentiated loyalty experience to drive high value customer behaviors while gaining valuable information on customer analytics and preferences. Flexible functionality enables the creation of unique loyalty programs and personalized experiences.


Personalized Customer Experiences
Win critical moments by responding to customer signals at any time, across any channel. Fusing machine-learning, real-time decisioning with an ability to engage with customers across any channel to deliver smarter customer interactions and engagements.


Powerful Customer Data Management
SessionM’s technology gathers real-time and batched first party data across multiple channels to build a database of individual 360-degree customer profiles that become actionable to all systems.


Meaningful Insights and Analytics
Extract actionable customer insights from the SessionM platform. Analyze customer lifetime value and risk of churn on an individual basis, view critical loyalty health metrics, and compare the effectiveness of different promotional campaigns in a single dashboard.

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