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Consumer Engagement & Loyalty

Mastercard Data & Services helps organizations acquire new customers, forge deeper customer relationships and build brand loyalty along the way.

How do you connect with your customers - whose expectations are higher than ever - in a way that genuinely cultivates loyalty to your brand?

Leverage our expertise, technology and proprietary data to connect with the right customers at the right time in the right way.

From building loyalty programs and identifying key audiences to creating consumer behavior and lookalike models and developing marketing creatives for multichannel campaigns.

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We provide a full suite of services, technology and proprietary data to help organizations build customer relationships that are valued by the customer and profitable to the business.

We help organizations better understand their customer needs and develop the cross-functional capabilities required to consistently meet those needs, whether it be optimizing customer acquisition efforts, creating exceptional experiences through human-centered design, or developing a transformative loyalty program.

How does Mastercard help you foster long-lasting customer relationships?

Intelligent Targeting

Boost the efficiency, effectiveness and ease of acquisition by leveraging Mastercard insights and expertise to design, execute and optimize acquisition campaigns for high-value customers

Loyalty Offers

Differentiate your business with seamless, digital, personalized offers powered by Mastercard

Marketing Services

Unleash the power of insights with critical business execution across campaigns and channels


Drive stronger customer relationships leveraging SessionM's powerful customer engagement and loyalty platform

Dynamic Yield

Transform simple customer interactions into long-lasting, hyper-personalized relationships

Our team of customer experience experts

A North American bank partnered with Mastercard to drive checking account acquisition by enhancing targeting and optimizing touchpoint frequency.