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Mastercard Webinar: Protect, Prioritize, Practice & Prevent: Applying the Four P's of Cybersecurity


Protecting a business from cybercrime is more complex than ever with the rapidly growing remote workforce, increased use of third-party suppliers and acceleration of digital transformation initiatives. 

Although the cyber threat landscape seems to have a new trick up its sleeve every day, there are steps you can take to protect data assets, prioritize cybersecurity initiatives, practice for a breach, and prevent attacks. Join the discussion to learn how industry experts apply the four P's of cybersecurity to accurately measure, forecast and manage risk.

Webinar Speakers:

Sajan headshot 

Sajan Gautam

Chief Information Security Officer, Arvest Bank

Tony Sibert headshot 

Tony Sibert

Incoming CEO, Periculus

William Beer headshot 

William Beer

General Manager Americas, Mitiga & Information Security Forum

Daniel Hulbert headshot 

Daniel Hulbert

Director of Security Monitoring & Response, Mastercard

Joe Gallagher headshot 

Joseph Gallagher

Cybersecurity & Intelligence, Mastercard


This webinar will feature: 

  • A lively discussion between cybersecurity experts on how to diminish risk, reduce infections and develop cyber-aware organizations

  • Actionable strategies to improve digital resilience by implementing the four P’s of cybersecurity

  • Lessons on how to prepare for the unexpected and keep your business secure

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