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The idea of continuously testing new ideas and weeding out failures is more important than ever for financial institutions. Innovation now plays a bigger role in today's hyper-competitive environment.

Financial institutions need to adopt new strategies as economies slowly begin to recover and a new post-Covid normal emerges. Banking's Next Experiment dives into how the digital shift has transformed banking in three distinct areas:

  • Physical locations 

  • Digital engagement 

  • Customer relationship expansion

All those data privacy regulations are aimed to be pro-consumer. But pro-consumer doesn’t have to mean anti-business. And independent data anonymisation can take data from potential liability to enhanced asset.

"Over half of the world's population is using banking apps more than they were before the pandemic.”

 — Source: Mastercard "Global State of Pay" report

Download “Banking’s Next Experiment: Innovation in a Digital, Post-Covid World” to learn how financial institutions are leveraging Test & Learn® to unlock new ways to reach and engage today’s consumers.

This report is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese

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