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Menu Analyzer

Unlock the value of your check-level data

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Instead of treating check-level data as a luxury, it should be an input to decisions across the business. Menu Analyzer is a software platform that empowers restaurants to rapidly analyze these large datasets to inform promotional design, menu optimization, pricing, and marketing strategies. 


Actionable Insights
Not just “good to knows.” By focusing on critical factors like attached basket margin and customer loyalty, Menu Analyzer generates actionable recommendations that drive profitability. Crack key promotional and pricing questions.


Speed and Scalability
Check-level data is enormous – details about every item in every check across every location add up quickly. Menu Analyzer is designed to handle billions of rows of data with run times ranging from seconds to minutes. Don’t wait for the answers you need.


Menu Analyzer allows you to filter each analysis on a variety of key dimensions such as day of week, time of day, store format, guest group, and more. Get to more robust answers in one click.


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